Isefjorden round trip with 4 charming ferries

It's an experience for all senses to take the journey of about 130 km around Isefjorden! Travel at your own pace and by the transportation method you prefer. The trip around the fjord can be done by car, but you'll have the best experience by walking or cycling along the Fjord Path, which runs almost all the way around - and in many places, it runs right by the water's edge. And the small ferries at Orø, Rørvig, Kulhuse, and Hundested all offer a delightful experience on the water. Along the way, you'll experience special moments and breathtaking nature.

The trip around Isefjorden includes an island hop to Orø, with an island atmosphere that makes you feel transported to a bygone era. And hardly anywhere in Denmark will you find more beautiful and diverse nature than in Fjordland, with kilometers of sandy beaches, forests, landscapes with manors and churches. You'll pass through cozy villages, and in the town of Holbæk, you'll even find a main street with many cozy cafes and shops. Not to mention the many small harbors with a delightful atmosphere and plenty of charm.

Stop at one of Fjordland's good dining establishments and taste, for example, Isefjorden's "gold," the world-famous fjord shrimps, the local beer from the new microbreweries, or the vegetables from Lammefjorden. Stay overnight at one of the good hotels, inns, or hostels, or take advantage of the round-trip ticket's advantageous camping offers. Along the route, there are also several nice shelter places - or try a night in the open.

Visit the website of the 4 Ferries for more information:
Or download the brochure "Take 4 Ferries - Traveling through the green along the blue" for inspiration and useful information for the journey around Isefjorden.

Have a nice trip!


Read more about The 4 ferries here Download brochure

On each of the 4 ferries, you can purchase a combined ferry ticket that is valid for all 4 routes.

The prices in 2023 is:

Adult: 100 kr.
Children: 50 kr.
Bicycle*: 20 kr.
Moped*: 130 kr.
Motorcycle*: 130 kr.
Car*: 195 kr.
Caravan: 195 kr.

*without driver