Two Unique Harbor Environments

The ferry service between Hundested and Rørvig connects two of the most delightful harbor environments in Zealand. On each side of Isefjorden, there are unique opportunities for enjoyable experiences. Hundested Harbor and Rørvig Harbor each have their active cultural life, where you can enjoy both café and restaurant life. There is something historic about the unmistakable scent of the harbors - saltwater, fresh air, smoked fish, and tar. Life in a harbor is quite special. Both Hundested and Rørvig Harbor have beaches and opportunities for a refreshing dip in the sea. Hundested-Rørvig Færgefart allows you to easily travel back and forth between these two lively harbor towns.

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Hundested Rørvig Færgefart

  Ticket office in Hundested:
Havnegade 21, 3390 Hundsted

  Ticket office in Rørvig:
Toldbodvej 77, 4581 Rørvig

+45 47 93 71 50

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Sand sculpture festival

In Hundested Harbor, the Sand Sculpture Festival takes place every year. The festival is an international attraction, with participating artists coming from different parts of the world. The sculptures emerge from the sand, showcasing the artists' unparalleled techniques. The Sand Sculpture Festival in Hundested Harbor is definitely worth a visit.

The festival area also offers opportunities to enjoy a coffee or a beer, just like all the cafes and eateries around Hundested Harbor that are open and bustling with life. Hundested Harbor is a hub for creative and innovative businesses and workshops, housed in buildings like Propellen. In the harbor, there are also ample opportunities to experience a traditional yachting environment, and a visit to the local brewery can be a fun experience for most.

Isefjord Ticket - 2023

Round-trip ferry ticket with Hundested-Rørvig Færgefart for pedestrians + entrance to the Sand Sculpture Festival.

Adults: 145 DKK. Normal price 185 DKK. Save 40 DKK.
Children: 65 DKK. Normal price 90 DKK. Save 25 DKK.

The ticket can only be purchased in Rørvig and should be used for the journey from Rørvig to Hundested, entrance to the Sand Sculpture Festival, and the return trip to Rørvig.

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Sommerland Sjælland

In Odsherred, not far from Rørvig Harbor, you'll find Sommerland Sjælland. It's a family park full of amusements, fun, and entertainment. Here, the whole family can have a great time on a cozy day out.

Sommerland Sjælland is the place to be, whether you're into thrilling rides or more relaxed activities like a walk among the park's flowers or animals. If the family needs a break from everyday life or a memorable holiday experience, Sommerland Sjælland also offers accommodation options.

If you drive through Rørvig Harbor on the way to Sommerland Sjælland, you'll often see children engaged in the traditional crab races of Rørvig Harbor. There's also an opportunity to enjoy smoked fish or an ice cream on the quay while soaking in the maritime atmosphere.

Take a ride with Hundested-Rørvig Færgefart to Sommerland Sjælland, and the ferry is free for both car drivers and pedestrians.

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Around the the Isefjord with 4 ferries

It's an experience for all senses, at all ages, to take the trip around Isefjorden. Buy a combined ferry ticket for the four ferries and travel at the price level, pace, and transportation mode you prefer. Besides the beautiful scenery, the trip offers plenty of sights and attractions.

Prices 2023

Adult 100 DKK.
Children (4–12) 50 DKK.
Bicycle *20 DKK.
Moped *130 DKK.
Motorcycle* 130 DKK.
Car *195 DKK.
Caravan 195 DKK.
*Without driver

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